The Bunker.

We refurbished an old, disused WWII Bunker in to a pretty chill bar.

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, The Bunker is home to some of New Yorks Finest, young and old. It's charming, relaxed vibe is what attracts fresh faces and keeps our patrons coming back time and time again. Long day at the office? Unwind at the Bunker. Looking to hear the latest songs through our Dolby Atmos surround sound system? Come to The Bunker. Want a unique, quirky drinking experience that you'll (probably) remember? Come to the Bunker.


Live Music

The Nest - Brooklyns Best Kept Secret.

We've had a bit of a facelift in recent years at The Bunker. Part of this was creating a state of the art live venue for our music loving patrons. We lovingly created an underground stage with optimized acoustics and Dolby Atmos speakers. We call it The Nest This intimate setting is the perfect place to hear your favourite bands and maybe even buy them a drink afterwards.


Upcoming Live Shows

Take a look at the acts we have playing gigs in The Nest, our underground stage.

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Tickets for these shows are sold exclusively at the cloakroom in The Bunker. Ticket prices may vary and no under 18's will be admitted. ID will be required. For full terms and conditions, please click here .

Get in Touch

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